The heart of ReadyGo is the recording of data.

Data Entry

A video tutorial has been created to explain...

  • Basic Data Entry
  • "Fair Game" Adjusted Points
  • Ties
  • Participation Points
  • Races with Heats and Finals
  • Age Group Champions
  • Data Entry Completion Progress

High Jump

High jump has always been a tricky event to record data for, so here is a dedicated video. It should be noted that there is a simpler way to record high jump. That is, one can change the configuration of the High Jump event on your orgnisation page and set the "Event Type" to "Jump Simplified". This would not be recommended for serious record keeping, as there are issues such as it not using the correct method for tie breaking.

Record Holders

ReadyGo automatically keeps track of the best results for an event and division across all your competition meets. New records are established as results and placings are. Deleting the results for a new record and updating placings will also remove the record.

You can specify in the configuration of a division or an event on your organisation page whether such divisions and events will or will not track record holders. Team events do not track records.

A video tutorial has been created to explain how to set up and import any existing records your organisation may have.